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Meenah Peixes.
Junior at Tancho Academy.
Girl's dorm D-3.

Affiliated with String of Fates.

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Mindless Wandering {{Closed: eelmaobitches}}


It was strange that this troll shared the same surname as Feferi. He decided not to ask; not yet, at least. It was obvious that the two were connected in some way, and Eridan was sure that he would discover it. He did find it curious that she knew Feferi. His best guess was that the sea trolls were doing their best to stick together, especially in the land dweller infested campus.

At least she was a sea dweller. He was sick of seeing the flabby pink skin of the humans that inhabited the area. Even those who were not human wore the same, disgusting flesh as the others. It appeared that only the trolls were unique in appearance. He gazed down at her haughtily as he introduced himself.

“If you must knoww, I’m Eridan.”

Meenah rolled her eyes. Obviously this chum thought he was some sort of royalty. She hated people who were stuck-up, and she simply scoffed at this arrogant sea troll. But despite her distaste, she was still curious about this boy. I mean, really. Another sea troll? How many sea troll can there be in one human place?

She wondered if he came from Feferi’s timeline—if he was one of the versions of their ‘future’ selves. She looked him up and down, frowning.

"say, fishfins," she said, "how do you know fef?"

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Mindless Wandering {{Closed: eelmaobitches}}


Much to his luck, Eridan had not bumped into one of the strange individuals that he had seen shuffling along the sidewalks of the slum. Instead, he had run into another troll; a sea troll, more specifically. His blood ran cold as he recognized her features. The curve of her horns, her bright colored goggles, the symbol on her shirt, it all was reminiscent of-


No, it couldn’t be her. Firstly, her hair was in long, thin braids, a style that Feferi would not sport. A more important and obvious detail was her attitude; Feferi was rarely hostile. She was far too passive to reply in such an aggressive tone, even to her ex-morail. His former friend would be more prone to tears than spiteful outbursts. He narrowed his eyes at the unfamiliar troll, glaring at her skeptically. He would find out who this troll was, and why she was dressed so similar to Feferi.

“No, you’re not Fef. Wwho are you, then?”

Meenah looked the troll she bumped into up and down. Purple in his hair, glasses, scarf. He looked pretty weird to her, but she thought everyone was weird. His glasses reminded her of Aranea, someone she’d rather not think about. She shook the thought out of her mind and turned her attention back to the other troll. That’s when he surprised her.

"fef?" Meenah said, "of course im not fef!" Well, that was sort of true. In a way, she was Feferi—or, rather, Feferi was her. But that was a long story for another time—besides, she and Feferi were almost polar opposites anyway. It was close enough to being separate people, despite the same blood color and horns.

"the names meenah," she said. "meenah peixes. not feferi." She raised an eyebrow at this strange guy. "and YOU might be?"

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003.Midnight Swim || open


“-Even if I did tell you )(is name )(e isn’t )(ere anyway. )(e’s probably still trying to beat t)(at game or )(e may )(ave died trying.” The heiress sighed. Maybe it would be better if he had died in the process. He wouldn’t have to be lonely anymore and he wouldn’t be a threat to her other friends. It was a terrible thing to think but it was a rational thought. She wanted her friend to continue to live and be happy but unfortunately living didn’t bring Eridan any joy anymore. Hoping that he would continue to live on was similar to asking for him to continue to suffer. 

The conversation about her friend had died out and navigated over to Meenah’s earlier issue. Her story made it easier for Meenah to let her guard down. From what she had gathered Meenah was a very closed off person. She didn’t seem like a person who wanted to get in tune with her emotions because what she felt only brought her pain. 

Feferi nodded her head as the other troll spoke. It was only natural that Meenah would have trouble getting along with humans. Humans were a lot different from most trolls and found troll customs vicious and cruel. “)(umans are a difficult race for us trolls to get along wit)(. It’s )(ard for trolls to go wit)( t)(e flow of )(uman society. T)(ey don’t understand w)(y we do or say certain t)(ings and we don’t understand t)(em very well eit)(er. I’m lucky because I don’t value violence and ot)(er troll customs as muc)( as some of us do.”

“All is not lost t)(oug)(. T)(ere are tons of fis)( in t)(e S—EA! Tanc)(o is actually a great place for us trolls because most of students and staff aren’t )(uman -EIT)(—ER! T)(ey just appear to be.”

Feferi grinned at the other troll. It was best to encourage her to pull her out of her slump. “I’m s)(ore if you wait it out a little longer you will find )(umans and non-)(umans t)(at LIK—E you just t)(e way you are! Being strong and aggressive are good t)(ings but like all ot)(er good t)(ings too much of it can lead to somefin bad.” She wanted Meenah to get along with the kids at school but changing your personality and being fake was never the right approach to making friends. Being a bit more friendly couldn’t hurt though!

Meenah was the opposite of Feferi; violent and not friendly. But when Meenah was with her, she changed—just a little. Feferi seemed to soften her up a bit, make her heart grow a little more. She just had that sort of effect on people. Meenah sighed, looked up at Feferi, and smiled. Getting along with humans was going to be difficult for her—especially for her—but she was going to try. Maybe getting into fights all the time wasn’t really helping her reputation around campus, and maybe yelling at people upon first introduction wasn’t great either.

She didn’t know there were other nonhumans around campus, though. That would definitely help her chances of getting along with people. Or at least, she hoped it would. She didn’t feel comfortable around humans quite yet, with their pale skin and colorful hair. They were strange to Meenah—probably just as strange as she was to them.

"thanks, fishfins," Meenah said affectionately. "if i didnt have you to kelp me with my problems i dont know what id do." Meenah was happy to have a friend like Feferi. Tancho was better with her there.

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003.Midnight Swim || open


Once it was out she felt a little relieved. It was hard to pretend like everything was alright when it actually was the exact opposite. No, she didn’t want to wallow in self-pity but she didn’t want to have to put on a strong front all the time. Fake strength could only last so long and she was already fed up with it.

“No, t)(ere isn’t any reason to )(unt )(im down. T)(ere’s no denying t)(at w)(at )(e did was wrong but I was fully capable of doing somefin to prevent it yet I still c)(ose not to.” It pissed her off just to think about it. She had been so stubborn and she knew it wasn’t all her fault but things would have went a lot smoother if she had done something.

Besides her own internal anger she saw Meenah’s subsiding. Her features became softer as she listened to her story. She was almost positive that she was actually getting through to the other sea dweller. 

Feferi looked up from the ground and back at her friend. “I know it’s not all my fault but I can’t kelp but t)(ink t)(at if I )(ad spoken to )(im more I would )(ave gotten t)(roug)( to )(im.” The next thing Meenah said made her smile just a bit. “Good, t)(e last t)(ing I need is for anot)(er one of my friends going on a krilling spree again.” She sighed. ” So enoug)( about me. I know you were lying earlier. Tell me w)(at’s getting your fins in a twist I promise anyt)(ing you say will stay between us.”

"id still like to punch his gills out," Meenah muttered. But she pushed that aside. She knew Feferi was right, but she still thought this weedy sea dweller deserved a poke or two. No one should kill their best friend—especially not a friend of Meenah’s. She couldn’t imagine what she would do if someone killed Aranea—well, killed other than a way with their little suicide squad fiasco.

Meenah sighed, not really wanting to tell Feferi the truth. But she knew Feferi was genuinely interested in her well-being, and that was the first time anyone had cared for her since Aranea. She rolled her shoulders and turned to Fef.

"to be honest i was just about ready to go on a krillin spree," Meenah said. "its these damn humans. its… its just one got up in my gills today. we got in a fight—and def-fin-itely won, but what he said got under my scales. i just thought i had a fresh start with this tancho place, after i had royally screwed up our session back on alternia. but this kid told me to swim back home to my planet. told me i didnt belong."

"i thought itd be different this time," she said. "i thought i could do somefin right for once."

She took in a deep breath. It was nice to get all of this off of her chest, she realized. Maybe she was more touchy-feely than she really thought. It was good to get things out instead of bottling them up inside her until it became a rage she couldn’t deal with. She was glad she had a friend like Feferi to help her actually… deal with things.

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003.Midnight Swim || open


Feferi nodded her head at Meenah’s reply. “I know, I know.” She was dropping that topic for now. She would get back around to Meenah’s issues later. The key to getting people to open up to you was opening up to them first. She didn’t expect Meenah to pour her feelings out to her straight away. She would have to gain her full trust first and she was willing to do just that.

The topic of her death was still a touchy subject but she had a feeling so was Meenah’s current issue. The fact that she was alive now bothered her even more but that was a problem to be solved at a later time. She was about to talk about herself but in the end she was hoping to help Meenah in the process. It may be strange but Feferi already considered Meenah a friend. The fact that they shared the same blood color and were both heiresses at some point in time made her feel even closer to the other sea troll. Because of that sense of closeness she took it upon herself to help Meenah.

“I’ll tell you w)(at generally )(appened and you can ask me questions on t)(e details.”

“Bassically  I )(ad a friend, a best friend and fellow sea troll. )(e was even my moirail for aw)(ile until I broke it off. )(e wasn’t very well-liked and was often avoided and ignored by ot)(er trolls )(is age. I was one of )(is few friends but I left )(im to fend for )(imself after t)(e destruction of Alternia. )(e was so fed up wit)( being an outcast and being lonely t)(at )(e decided to pick a fig)(t wit)( my matesprit. )(e knocked )(im out and of course I got mad at )(im. I was so mad…” She could hear her voice beginning to crack but she continued on. “So mad t)(at I was just about to krill )(im myself but )(e beat me to it. I died at my best friend’s )(and because I didn’t pay attention to )(im or )(is feelings. I never want t)(at to )(appen again…”

Her eyes were glued to the sand as she tried to regain her composure. She never could keep her cool when she talked about her former moirail. She had done so much wrong and had only realized it after her death.

At first, Meenah was angry. Who was this mother glubber that dared to treat Feferi this way? She knew she hadn’t known the other sea troll for long, but she felt a deep connection with her. They were friends. And no friend of Meenah’s would be treated like that.

"tell me his name and ill hunt him down myself," Meenah muttered. But after taking in the rest of the story, she stopped and reexamined herself, realizing how similar the story was to her own. She knew her own anger—she knew how violent she was. But would she ever get so angry she would kill her best friend?

She thought of Aranea and immediately decided no. She was better than this chum of a moirail of Feferi’s and she knew Aranea meant far too much to her. She was just sad that it had happened to Feferi.

Turning to the other girl, Meenah took in a deep breath. “dont blame yourself,” she said. “it wasnt your fault.” Putting her hand on Feferi’s shoulder, she smiled. “i wont turn out like him. i promise.”

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003.Midnight Swim || open


You could call Feferi an expert in the feelings department and when it came to situations like this she was able to read people like a book. Nobody kicks sand that aggressively for the sake of trying out their new ‘moves’. She knew something was bothering Meenah but she also knew that she wasn’t planning on telling her what is was. Fef wasn’t quick to give up. If Meenah thought that she would just drop the conversation there than she had another thing coming.

“Are you s)(ore? I won’t ask anymore if t)(at’s t)(e case.”

She used to react to situations like this a lot differently. Usually she wanted people to come to her first about their problems. She never liked pushing people to tell her something unless it was necessary. That mind set changed after she was killed by someone she thought had been her best friend, and she had no one to blame but herself. She hadn’t spent any time talking to him when she should of and eventually his emotions boiled over and in the heat of the moment he took her life. She already could tell Meenah was the violent type and although she hoped she would never whip out her trident in class and impale a human, she really couldn’t be too sure.

“I never told you )(ow I got krilled, did I?”

Looks like Feferi was trying the guilt trip as a way to get Meenah to tell her what was on her mind.

"look," Meenah said. "i swear to cod, nofins wrong." Meenah closed up her feelings like a clam shell, immediately retracting. She was also starting to get a little irritated. She knew Feferi cared, but again, Meenah was not the touchy-feely type.

Or so she thought, until Feferi asked her about if she knew how she got killed. She became solemn, her irritation and anger calming down. Instead she felt a new weight shift onto her shoulders. Both of their deaths made Meenah think of things she just wanted to forget about, although her current situation wasn’t helping any of that. She wasn’t sure how Feferi’s death was related to the current situation, but Meenah knew she wouldn’t bring it up without reason.

"no," Meenah replied. "you never told me."

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Mindless Wandering {{Closed: eelmaobitches}}


For the most part, Eridan tried to avoid the school campus. There was something about the students that irked him. However, he knew that a primary reason was something else entirely. He was afraid of running into someone of his past, who would have most likely offended in one way or another. So far, he had only run into Karkat, who was miraculously forgiving. However, it was obvious that he still held a reasonable grudge against the sea dweller. Eridan had convinced himself that if he rarely visited the campus, then he would be less likely to run into anyone who wanted him dead.

As he contemplated his current situation, Eridan ambled about the city, not giving much thought to his surroundings. However, a sudden chill down his spine distracted him from his thoughts. As he glanced around, he realized that he was in the most dangerous section of the city: the slums. It was where all students were advised not visit, and yet Eridan managed to wander mindlessly into the place. He had no idea exactly what part of the city he was in, since he had never visited this area before. The few, strange people wandering the streets did not seem too keen on giving directions, either.

With an irritated sigh, Eridan spun on his heels, deciding that it would be best to retrace his steps. He hoped that this would lead him to the entrance of the academy, safe and sound. The troll only took a few steps forward before bumping rudely into someone with his shoulder. The smart choice in this situation would have been to politely say ‘sorry’ and go on his merry way. However, Eridan was much too frustrated for that.

“Wwhy don’t you wwatch wwhere you’re goin?”

Meenah was wandering about the city around Tancho, hoping to get a feel for the place. She’d spent most of her time on campus and now it was time to spread her fins and swim. She had already spent hours upon hours exploring the beach near Tancho, and spent countless hours in the pool, but she wanted to extend her knowledge. She wanted to see what these other people were like, out in the city. She wanted to see how different they were from Alternian trolls.

She spent hours exploring, walking off in random directions and getting delightfully lost. That was the most exciting part of a new city—getting lost and seeing where your feet took you. Going with the flow. It was starting to get later in the day when she found herself in a seedy part of town, somewhere she felt like she’d fit in. Unruly people showed up in every species. She grinned to herself, always liking to get into mischief.

As she was there, however, someone bumped into her with their shoulder. She was pushed aside, not expecting the impact, and looked back to find herself staring at… another sea troll? How many sea trolls were IN this place?!

"why dont i watch where im goin?" she said incredulously, "watch where YOUR-E goin fishfins!"

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{It’s best to stay in the shadows} [Open Post]


He smiled, then stumbled a little at the strong punch. Basil rubbed his arm and laughed. “Truth be told, you’re the first one of your kind that I’ve seen.” A thought suddenly popped in his head. Surely, there were others like her? ‘How amusing!’he thought. Maybe he can ask them to model for him; they would make beautiful art.

He took the book, and said his thanks.

“Thank you. I hope I have not troubled you.”

"aint no trouble at all," Meenah said. The man was strange, but she didn’t mind. All humans were strange to her after all.

She wondered if the man was a new teacher, for he certainly didn’t seem to know much of where he was going. She took a sidelong look at him and raised an eyebrow.

"you new here?" she asked.

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starting fresh || OPEN


Oh snap, so this girl was feisty? Didn’t want him calling her babe? It was more of a verbal tic than an actual compliment or pet name at this point, but he supposed to could try and curb it if it really bothered her so much. He gave her a bit of a laugh, though one could tell on his face that he’d been a bit annoyed by her attitude.

“Meenah? Got it.”

He gave off a bit off a shrug as he started walking through the crowd, eventually arriving at the girl’s dorms, and leaning against the wall, a hand flaring out as if presenting the location to her.

“Here we are! Home sweet home—well, for you not for me, not that I totally wouldn’t mind living around a bunch of cuties.”

Something about this boy was too… peppy? active? perky? Meenah couldn’t place it, but he was so full of energy that it almost made her sick. No one should be this energetic. It was like he was on speed or something.

She saw he was annoyed with her comment but shrugged it off. She didn’t care if he liked her or not, she just needed to get around. Not to mention the fact that she’d somehow lost her 2x3dent. She needed to know the place so she could try and find it.

Meenah followed him to the girl’s dorms. She inwardly agreed with his comment about living with cuties (because that was for sure), but didn’t say anything. Instead, she turned to him and spoke.

"thanks fishfins," she said. "now what else is here round tancho?"

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{It’s best to stay in the shadows} [Open Post]


Basil gave out a small squeak at the sight of her. Who was—no—whatwas she? He tried his best not to stare, since that was rude. But he couldn’t help himself to be awed. He had never seen a—a what? An alien?  She was grey from head to toe, had horns, and even gills. He almost dropped his things again. Definitely an alien, he thought. 

Well, that was Japan for you; definitely a land full of wonder.

Taking a deep breath, he started counting down from 10. He then smiled at her, obviously over his shock,

“Yes, that is mine. Thank you.”

Meenah laughed at the man. “what, you never seen a fish finned troll before?” She punched him in the arm, playfully but still hard. After punching him she handed him the book, and noticed that he was staff. She hoped he wouldn’t bust her for ditching—she’d already had detention twice this week.

She handed him the book he dropped. “it aint no problem, dont mention it.”

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